A Treasure In The Cellar

Aromatic suggestions from Trentino and more…

The family nickname “De Vecio” gives the Wine Cellar of the Locanda the strong imprint of tradition. Experience, passion and continuous research have enriched it with renowned local and international wines. Endless nuances of scents, flavors and colors of a product that is not just a drink – it is emotion and personal experience.

Wine tasting is a journey that everyone lives differently, according to their own sensitivity. During the tasting “Profumi in Cianeva”, an expert’s guidance will lead you to discover the hidden qualities of our wines, to feel the flavor just by smelling, to identify each aromatic component.

Like a secret chest, Cianeva de Vecio holds a treasure that we love to share with our guests just as much as the works of art at our Art Hotel, to invite them to join in our passions and add more Pleasure to their holiday.

“Life is too short to drink bad wine.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe –

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