Ladin tradition, heritage to share

A walk along the path of Ladin identity and its keepers

De chi estopo tu?”, “Who is your family?” You might be asked this question by the local elders, who like to know who they are talking to so as to retrace the threads of time, that grow thinner and thinner over the years.

The feeling of belonging and identity is strong in the hearts of Ladin folk, and it’s interesting to get to know this feeling even during a short stay in Val di Fassa.

The perfect chance to get closer to it is an afternoon at the Museo Ladino di Fassa in Sen Jan, keeper of this precious heritage. It houses the collections of the Istitut Cultural Ladin, dedicated to Val di Fassa’s culture, history, nature, craftsmanship, traditions and its many folktales and legends.

Since always a crossroad between Italy and Germanic territories, Val di Fassa and the other Ladin valleys (Val Badia, Val Gardena, Livinallongo and d’Ampezzo) have developed their own identity and tenaciously managed to keep it alive and protect it over hundreds of years.

Ladin, although in its very different variants, is recognised as an official language, taught in schools and spread through television and radio broadcasts.
A Ladin certificate is required to access public service jobs, all official documents and place names are written in Ladin.

During your stay you will be able to attend ceremonies in the Ladin language, events and celebrations that recall ancient rites and symbols lost in time. You can as well learn more about them at Locanda degli Artisti, thanks to our staff and to the artistic and literary documents in the Library.
Don’t miss this chance to get to know Ladin culture and let yourself be charmed by its history and its enchanting legends.

“Canche l neif de mé, ogne meis la é.”

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