Enlightened Dishes

The flavour of tradition adjusts to ever-changing tastes.

Research and innovation, combined with sensitivity towards tradition, transform ancient recipes into the unmistakable dishes of the Restaurant “Alla Locanda”. The genuine flavour of excellent products is enhanced by the creative touch of our experienced chefs, who mix and transform extraordinary ingredients to give birth to one-of-a-kind culinary experiences. Informal and unconventional: the atmosphere here is special, just like the menu. The marvelous works of art on the walls provide an extra touch of style and character. The meticulous attention to detail, both in the furnishings and in the service, speaks of our care towards our guests. Last but not least, ensuring quality and style, the passion for gastronomy a trademark of the Rossi family, owner of the Art Hotel and its “older brother” Rifugio Fuciade, recommended by the best food travel guides.

“Toleve temp per magnèr ben, bon e ence bel!”

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