Natural strength

Passion flows in the veins of the Rossi family

It’s not by chance that Emanuela and Sergio have found in Fuciade the perfect place to begin their story. The enchanting hollow between the mountains is the very expression of the harmony and serenity that the Rossi family conveys with their hospitality, just like the one you will experience at Locanda degli Artisti, together with the strength and the personality of someone who follows a goal and shares it once it’s achieved. Take a moment to ask Sergio about his passions. His stories will enthral and surprise you, because his gruff exterior and his placid look conceal a man of great enthusiasm.

His love for cooking gave birth to Rifugio Fuciade at the San Pellegrino Pass: from a small hut, it became overtime a restaurant recommended by the best food travel guides. But he couldn’t have achieved this result without Emanuela, who saw in his smile sweetness and care, as well as good intuition and tenacity.

Together, they nourished their passions with great dedication and intelligence, and now they love sharing them with their guests who often become good friends of the family. Simply their smile invites to breathe in the welcoming atmosphere that their collections evoke, and to enjoy the pleasures of good food – to which special attention is devoted both by them and by their son Martino, who is following his father’s footsteps and is ready to surpass his skills.

The whole family is involved in the parents’ mission, everyone in their own way. Their son Manolo, a skilled architect that sees to every detail of his family’s jewels, played a role in designing the Locanda. Nicole, the youngest, does her share with a lot of elbow grease for the moment, allowing herself to choose her own path, that will always run in parallel with her family’s.

“In the home of a happy family, simple ceramic dishware shines brighter than jade.”



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