“Tan Art” Gallery

The ART GALLERY IN CANAZEI – fassa valley

Sergio’s great passion for the arts is at home among the walls of the 17th century “tobià”, seat of the art Gallery “Tan Art”, right opposite the Art hotel, owned by the Rossi family. Amongst the ancient walls several works of art are on display by artist representing different currents and trends; many of these artist have “their own room” at the Art hotel.

The Gallery prompted the idea of the Art hotel in order to share, also with its guests, the pleasure and exciment conveyed by the varied aesthetic expressions and creative forms.
From metaphysics to pop art, from the local typical painting to transavanguard, a visit is an additional experience to your holiday and also an emotional journey.
Info and bookings available at the Art hotel reception.

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.”


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